Week 1:  August 31-September 4, 2015

August 31: Introduction to the course,  interdisciplinary format,  and rules of the game

Searching for Dali       

Open Microphone: Introduction to Humanities Focus: "How Do We Know?" Claims/Counter Claims, Logic, and Evidence

September 1: Your Brain on Humanities

The Art of Questioning

September 2: Preview of Coming Attractions: The Expository Essay

Googling Why people preceive strange things

TED: Beau Lotto on How We See

TED: Michael Shermer--Why People Believe Weird Things

September 3: Summer Reading Essay

Socratic Seminar: Perception and Free Speech

September 4: Introduction to the "Great Books" Project

Theater Games

Week 2:  September 7-11, 2015

September 7: Labor Day

September 8: Unpacking the TOK Prescribed Titles

Great Books Prep

September 9: Perceiving Perception

Great Books Role Play

Nuts and Bolts

Spetember 10: How do you Best Know? Introduction to Shared v. Personal Knowledge, AOKs, WOKs

Brainstrom differences between shared v. personal knowledge

The Allegory of the Den

Platonic Forms  Theory of Eternal Forms

St Anselm College: Theory of Forms

September 11: Discipline Assembly

Great Books Prep

Zepplin Rules!

Week 3:  September 14-18, 2015

September 14: Intro to the Extended Essay

 Great Book Prep

Homework: Read Extended Essay Samples and Rubrics

September 15: How do You know in 4 corners?

September 16: Final Great Books Prep

Great Books Presentations:

Skepticism and Debate, Experience, Intuition & Reaason

September 17: Great Books

Instinctive Judgements, Empirical v Experiemental Knowledge

Knowledge and ethical judgements/Trusting Emotions

September 18: Candide Quiz

Return of the Flies

I'm So Hungry . . . I Can Eat at Arby's

Week 4:  September 21- 25, 2015

September 21: Candide Quiz

Introduction to Voltaire

College Counseling

September 22: Knowledge Questions

September 23: Fall Recess

September 24: Framing Certainty

September 25: The Skeptic's Tank

Jostens' Visit

Week 5:  September 28-October 2, 2015

September 28: Values Line-Up

LOF Rewrites Due

September 29: Bulding the Frame

EE Proposal Due

September 30: Bulding the Frame

Propaganda: How to Win an Election

October 1: Introduction to the Election

Party Prep

October 2: Reason and Art School Special

Week 7:  October 12-16, 2015

October 12: Skeptically Speaking

October 13: Rabsolutley speaking

October 14: Rabsolutley Speaking

Rabsolute Truth

 Sartre's Ill'n

October 15: Political Viewing

October 16: Vice Presidential Debates

Political Party Commercials

Week 8:  October 19-23, 2015

October 19: Peer Revision of Shared v Personal Knowledge essay

October 20: Peer Revision of Shared v Personal Knowledge essay


October 21: Republican/Democratic Conventions

Senior Panormaic Picture--Bring Permission Slips!

October 22: Sartre's Ill'n and Formal Extensions

October 23: Vice-Presidential Debates

Political Commercials

Week 9:  October 26-30, 2015

October 26: Vice Presidential Debates

Proposition Debates

October 27: Sartre's Ill'n

October 28: The Language of Politics

Presidential Debates

October 29: Metamorphosis Essay

Political Commercials

October 30: Election Skits: Emotion and Truth

Week 10:  November 2-6, 2015

November 2: Faculty Inservice: No School

November 3: Guest Speakers: Democratic Party and Republican Party

November 4: Proposition Debates, Final Mock Election skit, commercials, and voting

November 5: Political Process Test


Field Trip: The Painted Rocks at Revolver Creek

November 6:  O Jerusalem

Week 11:  November 9-13, 2015

November 9: The End of Skepticism and the Beginning of Existentialism

November 10: There's Logic Inside Your Head: Intro to Logical Fallacies

November 11: Veterans' Day Holiday

November 12: The Truthiness of Math

Scare Tactic and Numbers

November 13: A Visit from William James

Week 12:  November 16-20, 2015

November 16: The truthiness of math

November 17: Logical Fallacy Skit Prep

November 18: Logic Skits

November 19: Logic Skits

November 20: Logic Quiz

She Blinded Me with Science! 

What is Science and How Does It Work?

Extra Credit: Buy or check out a copy of Bad Science: Hacks, Quacks, and Pharmecutical Flacks by Ben Goldacre. You will be assigned a short essay to write responding to the work

The Facts About the Kennedy Assassination

Week 14:  Nov. 30 - December 4, 2015

November 30: Jane Eyre Test

December 1: Logical Fallacy and Science

December 2: Logic Quiz

Introduction to Ethics

December 3: Science and Bias

First 5 of EE due

Extra Credit: Buy or check out a copy of Bad Science: Hacks, Quacks, and Pharmecutical Flacks by Ben Goldacre. You will be assigned a short essay to write responding to the work

December 4: Common Good vs. Ego

Week 15:  December 8-12, 2015

December 12: :Introduction to Ethics

Common Good vs. the Ego

December 13: Intentionally Utilitarian

December 14: Arab-Israeli Test

Hedonistically Moderate?

PBS and Bumblebees

December 11: State Your Case

1. Pick from Bill of Rights Cases

2. Research major court cases from text and develop poster that identifies major results from each

3. Research a recent court case argued in front of the Supreme Court and develop an argument for each side of the case

4. Present background from previous court cases and arguments from recent case

5. Groups be presented to will render a decision on the case with reasons for judgement

6. Reveal the outcome of the real court case.

December 12: I Want My Babyback

Jane's on Film

Week 16:  December 15-19, 2015

December 15: Jane' Afflication

December16: How would each of the following ethical philosophies work to solve the dilema presented in "Birthright?"

Plato and the Common Good, Spinoza and the Ego; Aristotle and Moderation; Hedonism and Pleasure is the sole good; Utilitarianism and consequences are more important than motives; Kant and the categorical imperative; cyncism and rejection of society; and Stoicism, remain indifferent to external influences.

Ethical Speed Dating

December 17: Ethical Speed Dating

December 18: Love is a Fallacy

Whose Life is it Anyway?

December 19: Whose Life is it Anyway? and reflection --How would you judge?

Week 17:  January 4-8, 2016

January 4: We Need a Little Ethics: Speed Dating

January 5: Unpacking Ehtical Questions

January 6 : Unpacking Ehtical Questions

The Ghosts of Language Past

Introduction to Shakespearian Language

Ure Fader (text)

Canterbury Tales Prologue

Renaissance Language

January 7:

The Ghosts of Language Past

Janaury 8: Pickled Ethics

Week 18:  January 11-15, 2016

January 11: Up on the Catwalk with TOK Models

Janaury 12: Scaffolding the TOK 6

Planning the TOK Essay

January 13: Scaffolding the TOK Six

Planning and Progress Form Reflection

Janaury 14: Drawing TOK

January 15: Contrast Crunching and Drawing TOK Continued

Week 19:  January 18-22, 2016

January 18: MLK Holiday

Janaury 19: Scaffolding the TOK 6

Select a question  (4-6) and  complete a scaffold for the essay

Planning the TOK Essay

January 20: Scaffolding the TOK 6

Select a question  (4-6) and  complete a scaffold for the essay

Planning the TOK Essay

 Period 5: Bring a laptop: Begin writing an argument/counteragrument papragraph for the TOK essay

Janaury 21: Bring a laptop: Begin writing an argument/counteragrument papragraph for the TOK essay

Janaury 22: TOK PLanning and Progress Form

Bring a Laptop: Begin Writing a second argument/counter-argument paragraph

Week 20:  January 25-29, 2016

January 25: TOK Write

Janaury 26: TOK Peer Response and Write

January 27: Final Exams

January 28: Final Exams

January 29: Final Exams

Week 1:  February 1-5, 2016

February 1: Teacher In-Service

February 2: EE Development--Bring your laptop

February 3: EE Development--Bring your laptop

Homework:  Make certain you have read pages 16-40 in The Story of Philosophy

February 4: Plato's Republic

Week 2:  February 8-12, 2016

February 8: ntroduction to the TOK Presentation and Rubric

Info from the TOK Guide

Help with Knowledge Questions

Common Sense Presentation

Politics Presentation

Homework Presentation

 February 9: Revise TOK Essays

Knowledge Framework Review

TOK Prescribed Essay Titles

TOK Essay Planner

TOK Essay Rubric

Febraury 10: Revise TOK Essays

Knowledge Framework Review

TOK Prescribed Essay Titles

TOK Essay Planner

TOK Essay Rubric

February 11:Plato's Republic Debate

 February 12: President's Day Holiday

Week 3:  February 15-19, 2016

February 15: President's Day Holiday

February 16: TOK Storyboarding: Submit your RLS and KQ

Homework: Bring a hard copy of your final EE draft tomorrow

February 17: EE Peer Response

February 19: TOK Presentation Prep: RLS and KQ feedback

Begin Outlining

Week 4:  February 22-26, 2016

February 23: TOK Rewrites and upload prep

Humanities Only: Rewrite 2 paragraphs and submit hard copies of revision on Wednesday

IB: Upload revised EE's onto ManageBac by next Wednesday (latest)

February 24: TPS and TOK: Reflection Reports

February 25: EE Abstracts and Final Format.

Final Submission Prep and Completion of folders

February 26: Green Eggs and Hamlet

Week 5:  February 29 - March 4, 2016

IB Students: Upload Prescribed Essay by Next Monday

Final Draft of EE to Advisors this Tuesday! Submit final draft of EE to ManageBac

February 29: Walcott

March 1: EE Prep Advisor Prep: Final TOK Revision

Non IB: Socratic Seminar--Sarcasm and Emojis

March 2: Walcott:  Adieu Foulard

March 3: IB: Uploads and Forms

Non IB: TOK Presentation

March 4: Midnight in Paris

Week 5:  March 7 - 11, 2016

IB Students: EE's Mailed on Monday

TOK Prescribed Essays begin Authentication on Tuesday

March 7: Griot Riot

March 8: Griot Roit and TOK Presentations

March 9: TOK Presentation Filiming

March 10: History Repeating Itself

March 11: Wrapping up the Sea

Week 7:  March 21-25, 2016

TOK Presentations Posted by Monday

March 21: PDF for All

Road to Mecca: Act 1 image hunting

March 22: R&G Quiz, Act 1

March 23: Dictator's Party

March 24: It's All about the potatos

March 25: Don't Be Absurd

Week 8:  April 4-8, 2016

April 4: Making Drama

April 5: R&G Final Test

April 6: Growing Roots

Act 1 of Road to Mecca

April 7: I'm on the Darkside Now--Road to Mecca

April 8: Helen's Private Life


Week 9:  April 11-15, 2016

April 11: Road to Mecca: Who has Control?


April 12: Road to Mecca:: The Guiding Light--Irony and Climax

April 13: Road to Mecca:: The Winter's Edge--Mythos of Seasons and Fallling Actions

April 14: Road to Mecca: The Final Trip--The Journey, images  and Themes

April 15: Nuremberg

Week 10:  April 18-22, 2016

April 18: The End of the Road

Complete Road to Meca study questions

April  19: Stella!

April 20: Paper 1 Overview

April 21: Salesman Test

April 22: Limited War Presentation Prep

Week 11:  April 25-29, 2016

April 25: Paper #2 Drama Practice Essay

April 26: Iran/Iraq War

April 27: Iran/IIraq War

Persian Gulf War

April 28: Persian Gulf War

April 29: Indo-Pakastani War

Week 14:  May 16-20, 2016

May 16: Jungian Journey

May 17: Isms

May 18: It's a Beauty Eh?

Does Beauty and Art require context?

May 19: The Anti-Hero

May 20: Anti Hero continued

Week 15:  May 23-27, 2016

May 23: Senior Surveys

Hero Jounrey

May 24: Guest Speaker: Christian Science

Laura's House

May 25: Guest Speaker: Scientology

Art for Art's Sake

May 26: Guest Speaker:  Evangelical Christianity

Theater Art Projects

May 27: Socratic Seminar: Einstein on Religion and Science

Beuaty's Symmetrically Deep

Week 16:  May 30 - June 1, 2016

May 30: Memorial Day

May 31: Guest Speaker: Islam

Drama Production

June 1: Mom and Pop Art

Field Trip

June 2: : Guest Speaker:  Ba'hai

Art and Obscenity

June 3: Theatre Projects

Art and Commerce: Calvin and Hobbes

Week 17:  June 6, 2016

June 6: Final Exam

Metaphysics Review

June 7: Guest Speaker: Judaism

Guest Speaker: Wiccan

June 8: Art Test

Art Journal Due

Science and Religion

June 9: : Metaphysics Test

Love and Death

June 10: Talent Show